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Spotify Introduces Free Premium ‘Spotify For Work’ Plan For Office Workers

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With hybrid work moving into the corporate regime, some employees might find that listening to background sounds helps them reach a productive flow state. Lo-fi music is among some of the preferred genres for focus, as are ASMR and podcasts.

A whole trove of these exists on Spotify, and users are in no doubt tapping into this collection to enliven their daily commute and work. The free tier, however, comes ridden with advertisements, and users who don’t want to hear a commercial right after being put in melancholy by Olivia Rodrigo’s Driver’s License might have to upgrade to a Premium subscription.

When employees are made to pay for something they deem essential for work, it’s almost akin to getting them to cough up wages for a parking lot. Spotify is thus introducing a free premium plan as a job perk to accompany your free snacks and access to a pool table.

Spotify for Work is starting as a benefit for global professional services firm Accenture and its offices in Sweden, Latvia, and Lithuania, as part of a partnership between both companies. With that being said, Spotify foresees more collaborations with interested companies in the future.

The program entitles employees to a free Spotify Premium account, which can be accessed not just during work hours but the entire day too—keeping workers company on commutes and at times of rest, as well.

“We see a big potential in Spotify for Work on a global scale,” shares Jan Jendeby, managing director at Accenture. “It’s a great way to give employees a desired service so they can enjoy all the audio content available on the platform.”

If you’re a boss interested in bringing this work perk to the office, Spotify is reviewing registrations sent to its spotifyforwork@spotify.com inbox.

[via Android Police and Spotify, cover image via Spotify]

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