What were Bronze Age daggers used for? New analysis method has answer

    Average UK price of diesel hits record of more than £1.80 a litre

    TikTok star Valeria Shashenok chronicles life during war

    McDonald’s to exit Russia, taking hit of up to $1.4 billion

    EU lowers economic growth expectations amid Ukraine war

    'I Hope it Happens': Lionel Messi's Father Ignites Speculation of Football Star's Barcelona Return

    Mazal tov! Ultra-rare sand cats at Israeli zoo have kittens

    Ancient amphoras discovered by Ukrainian soldiers in Odesa

    Everything is still to play for as a scintillating Premier League season reaches its climax. Here's how things could play out.

    Settlers evacuate Hebron building they took over without a permit

    McDonald’s to sell its business in Russia after 30 years

    Terunofuji beats Tobizaru to remain one back

    'She Never Dropped Her Flag': J.K.Rowling Praises Feminist Standing Up Against Trans Activists

    Online hate under scrutiny after Buffalo shooter streamed massacre on Twitch

    Indonesia: Over a dozen killed as tour bus hits billboard

    Churches condemn Israeli police charge at Al Jazeera reporter's funeral

    Manchin Saved Biden Administration ‘From Themselves’ Amid Soaring Inflation, Jeff Bezos Says

    Japan’s top lender MUFG expects profit fall after record year

    Police request criminal probe into two Israeli lawmakers

    Ukraine: EU struggles to reach consensus over Russia oil embargo


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